Puentes offers a range of learning options for Treasure Valley students

Small, Conversational Spanish Classes

Spanish classes typically range from 4 - 8 students & are taught in an immersion, conversational approach. No memorization or grammar is required

Cultural Immersion Activities

Monthly membership includes as many classes as you wish to take in the month PLUS weekly cultural activities such as a Movie Night, Baile (dance), Cooking, etc.

Tutoring & one-on-one options available

Puentes Language Programs has built it's business on meeting the specific needs of our students. We can provide customized learning to fit your needs.

Travel Immersion Learning Journeys

Many of our students love to travel and we offer periodic trips to Spanish speaking countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, etc. Find out more about our next trip

Choose to register for a single weekly class or choose the Membership model

Some of our students prefer one night a week for a great low price and others prefer to the monthly membership basis for $15 more. We offer regularly scheduled classes organized by ability level just as we always have, however, with membership, you can attend as many classes as you wish during the week for one low monthly fee!

Friday nights we are now offering Cultural Night! Join us for a night of music/dance, a night of food, a movie night, a game night, or a Conversation night, all offered in immersive conversational Spanish. Come learn the culture of Spanish speaking countries around the world as an added benefit to your monthly membership (or pay per visit).

Come more often, have more fun, learn more Spanish!

What our Students are saying

  • I'm so excited, and I'll be using my Spanish! I even talked about Intercambio in the interview! And it pays more than I was making in Boise before I left. Hooray!!! Thank you for helping me get my job by learning Spanish! You rock!

  • Enjoyed my class in Spanish I. Friendly atmosphere, good class interaction and what I needed was to really have to speak out loud. I would recommend taking this class to learn a bit of basic Spanish.

  • Puentes is FABULOUS!

  • I've been attending adult classes for some time, and they are so much fun! The staff is great and I've met so many interesting people, many of whom are planning trips to Spanish speaking countries. My Spanish gets better all the time, and an added bonus is information about Spanish cultures worldwide. The adult classes are in the same building as the preschool, so we get to share the happy music and good food smells. How nice it would have been if my children could have had the opportunity to so painlessly learn another language.

  • This storytelling class has REALLY been great. I have learned so much. I especially like the group.

  • La clase anoche de intermedio fue muy divertido! Angela como Ud. es una maestra muy buena. Liz y yo la gustabamos mucho. La clase fue un poco dificil pero lo encontramos ser desafiar (challenging) que es bueno para nosotros.

  • I really appreciate your flexibility and encouragement to continue. I wanted to let you know that I really like the teaching methodology at Puentes. I tried taking Spanish through Boise Community Ed classes put on by the school district and also the non-credit classes at BSU, but they don't even come close to your classes--both in quality of instructors, class structure, and level of enthusiam/encouragement. I always recommend Puentes when people ask me about my studying, so maybe you will have some new faces join! thanks!

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