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Puentes School Policies

What to Expect

Elementary Spanish Programs

Starting the week of October 15th 2012, Puentes will be offering an after school Spanish program for elementary-aged students at our Overland location. No prior Spanish is required. These FUN Spanish immersion classes expose your child to a whole new way of thinking in the world! The program utilizes songs, games, books, art, and cultural activities all presented in Spanish to teach, challenge, and inspire your child!

This is an 8-week program that offers a choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs). Fall dates: week of October 15th through week of December 10th.

The class will run from 4-5:30pm. Choose days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Pricing for the 8-week session:

1 day/week: $120
2 days/week - $200
3 days/week - $280
4 days/week - $340

  • Parents transport from school OR Transportation from these schools may be provided (we can pick up from Whitney, Whittier, Owhyee, Grace Jordan, Hillcrest, Monroe, Sacred Heart, Jefferson).
  • Snacks provided upon arrival to school and then free play until class begins.
  • Parent pickup at 5:30 at Puentes (1605 S. Phillippi)



Send an email to puentes2004@msn.com with the Subject of PUENTES-AFTERSCHOOL to request more information and/or to let us know of your interest.


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Celebrate Diversity!  Benefit from Diversity!
Celebrate Diversity!         Benefit from Diversity!
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