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Spanish Classes for Adults
Changes starting Fall 2014

Starting in September 2014, Puentes adult Spanish classes will be offered on a monthly basis. We will offer regularly scheduled classes organized by ability level just as we always have, however, now you will be able to attend as many classes as you wish for one low monthly fee!

Work or vacation complicating your Spanish class schedule? No problem. Catch up on another night (or daytime) class. Wanting to accelerate your speaking fluency? Great- attend as many classes you want during the month!

Friday nights we are now offering Cultural Night! Join us for a night of music/dance, a night of food, a movie night, and a Conversation night. Come learn the culture of Spanish speaking countries around the world as an added benefit to your monthly subscription.

Come more often, have more fun, learn more Spanish!

Travel Spanish Learning Journeys!!
Ecuador July 2015!

These trips are a super fun way to learn Spanish and experience another culture! Details coming soon.

2014 Adult Spanish Schedule

Holiday Schedule Day(s)

Class Schedule

Labor Day
No classes Sep 1
No classes Nov 27, 28
Christmas Break
No classes Dec 22 - Jan 2

Intro Conversational Spanish- Tue, Wed, Thu
Introductory conversational Spanish for beginners with little or no Spanish background or those with some Spanish in high school or college. Some things discussed include greetings, numbers, describing origin and where one lives, family, calendar, telling time, describing where one works, likes and dislikes with pastimes, colors, describing people, foods, market and shopping, body, clothing, giving and receiving directions, places, and reading and journaling.

Conversational Spanish- Mon, Thu
Conversational instruction for Advanced Beginner to Intermediate learners through the instructor's use of TPR Storytelling and other conversational activities including games, songs, and developing, acting, and rewriting stories as well as reading short stories in and outside of class.

Cultural Nights - entirely presented in Spanish
Foods - 1st Friday of the month
Come learn the cooking secrets and enjoy samplings of food from a Spanish speaking country such as Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.
Music / Dance - 2nd Friday of the month
Listen to hispanic music and learn some cultural dances
Movie Night - 3rd Friday of the month
Enjoy watching and discussing popular and culturally significant movies
Conversation Night - 4th Friday of the month
An evening of pure conversation and sharing and fun. Bring your favorite snack or beverage and practice your Spanish, visit with your friends!

Monthly invoicing - $90
- - Cash, check, or pay online. Includes any of the classe you like, plus Cultural Nights!

Conversational Spanish Drop In - $20
- - Cash or check. Drop in on any of the regularly scheduled classes above.

Class Location:
1605 S. Phillippi, SW corner of Overland and Phillippi (easy freeway access)

You can now REGISTER ONLINE and PAY ONLINE directly

or call us (344-4270) or email us and request a paper registration.



Send an email to puentes2004@msn.com with the Subject of PUENTES-EVENING to request more information and/or to let us know of your specific interests.


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Celebrate Diversity!  Benefit from Diversity!
Celebrate Diversity!         Benefit from Diversity!
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