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Puentes Spanish Preschool
for 18mo-3yrs, 3-4yrs, 4-5yrs, & Kindergarten

SNOW and Weather Policy - Puentes Spanish Preschool observes the inclement weather policy of the Boise School District, so Puentes will only be closed for weather if the district announces a closure due to weather. boiseschools.org

Puentes Preschool is a Spanish immersion preschool that serves those in the Treasure Valley who wish their children to get the best of preschool learning plus a huge head start learning Spanish. It is entirely feasible for a child to become fluent in Spanish through participation in our preschool. Becoming bilingual will have numerous lifetime benefits for your child including better performance in school and on standardized tests, improved logical thinking ability, better cultural awareness, more job opportunities, higher pay, and many more. Starting in preschool or earlier provides the easiest and fastest environment for children to learn a second language!

Our curriculum is based on the High/Scope educational approach and the Natural Approach theory for language acquisition.

Children will be immersed in Spanish while...

  • Learning through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas through a variety of diverse materials and interactions.
  • Making choices about and planning their daily activities, carrying them out, and sharing their experiences with other children and teachers.
  • Gaining knowledge and skills in language, literacy, and communication, social and emotional development, mathematics, science, nature, and technology, dramatic art, visual art, music and movement.
  • Becoming more independent and primary school ready.
  • Doing organic gardening and nature activities.

What does Puentes mean by "Spanish immersion"? Our approach to Spanish immersion means that our teachers and staff interact with each other and the students entirely in Spanish (except in cases of safety, where the childs native language is used).


Puentes Kinder Spanish Program is a fun Spanish immersion program for children who are in half-day kindergarten and want to learn Spanish for the other half of the day. This program has limited space, but openings are offered for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week. Morning and afternoon slots are offered, but availability is subject to enrollment. Call for details at 344-4270.


Puentes Spanish Preschool locations
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If you would like to Send us an email regarding the Puentes Preschool, click the link, or send it to puentes2004@msn.com with the Subject of PUENTES-PRESCHOOL to request more information and/or to let us know of your interest.


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Celebrate Diversity!  Benefit from Diversity!
Celebrate Diversity!         Benefit from Diversity!
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